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About End Poverty

About - Search & unified mobilization of ultra-poor (SUM-UP)

Identification of families

1. The families would be identified with the help of end-poverty mobile app. The mobile app is available in Google play store and anyone can download it. However, link of the mobile app can be sent to the users by WhatsApp.

2. Based on few preliminary observation made by the users, the app would help respond to multiple destitution parameters of the families to be registered. Each of the registered entities/ CSOs may consider careful verification of the data being enumerated. Each individual family-based data would record names of the performers _ the enumerator and the person verifying the data. MGNREGA/ DoRD may choose to add anoter layer of data checking. The access to portal would be registered as associated/ affiliated entity of DoRD. The users would be added by the registered entities; in this case the CSO partners of the CFP.


3. Registration & user access: Chief Functionary/ nodal person of the CFP partner CSOs would need to register on the portal and generate his/ her login & password. Each CSO would be enabled with individual console and dashboard for data checking and progress tracking.

4. Data enumeration & verification: Primary and secondary users, as designated by the CSOs, would be able to enumerate family-based data on the mobile app. The data would flow to the CSO console for verification. CSO team would need to verify the data. Incomplete or incorrect/ suspected hhs. data may be returned to the field enumerator for reconsideration/ check/ correct and resubmit.

5. The end-poverty portal is populated with DoRD ground functionaries (GP Sachiv/ VDOs) as Primary users and any other outsourced functionary as Secondary users (e.g. Rozgar Sewaks and Sanitation workers). In case needed, any of these may be engaged for data enumeration.

6. All BDOs and CDOs have access to https://end-poverty.in portal as verifiers of NFSA mop-up survey data. These officials can access block and district level dashboard for tracking of progress. They may be enabled the same role for this exercise as well.

7. The portal is populated with 100% revenue villages and gram panchayats of Uttar Pradesh and are accessible as dropdown option for the enumerators. This cuts into the risk of duplicity/ repetition of data enumeration and helps avoid typographical errors.

Data reporting

8. A centralised dashboard may be enabled for DoRD, having to view (a) progress of the exercise underway, and (b) compliance on these by the programmatic provisions of PMAY/ CMAY, MGNREGA, UPSRLM and SBMG etc. If the identified families are supported with the provisions of other State departments, they too can be brought within the reporting dashboard. Such other State departments may be enabled with distinct dashboard to view progress of respective schemes. Dataflow structure has been shown in the diagram.

Helpline/ remote assistance

9. A team of professional deputed at the Camp office of ACS-RD & PR would render remote assistance to enumerators.